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The first love is a Options
Posted: Monday, March 11, 2019 8:07:15 PM
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The first love is a sugar, regardless of the result or not, the aftertaste is pure sweet and unforgettable, because the first ignorance of life, let it cast a layer of yarn. Everything is boring after it is seen clearly. Only the looming incitement makes people fascinated. It has been a lot of years, and now I think of it, still feeling a thousand, as if watching a movie, the protagonist is himself. The scenes that I used to be familiar with have become less ordinary, as if the school with the filter is the most beautiful, it has become the place where the dream begins. Simple desks, thick textbooks, bright podiums, deep aisles Buy Cigarettes Online Cheap, high stairs, etc. all became dreams. When it��s so fast, a blink of an eye makes it a thing of the past, and wants to go back to high school and taste every minute, instead of letting time slip away, what a pity and ridiculous Youth, disappeared in a blink of an eye Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale. Why are you not brave? If you want to hold hands, hold her hard; if you want to hug, hug her hard; if you want to kiss, kiss her gently, why leave all regrets to the future, why leave all regrets to the future. The time that passed by was so devastating, such as the annoying autumn wind, let the ginkgo leaves fall in a hurry, youth is like a summer rain, and it��s gone. The reason why love is so beautiful, perhaps because it is not available. When you are young, you can understand the truth of forgetting the rivers and lakes once you miss them. Young people always think that there will be better people waiting for us in the future, but after they have been displaced, they understand that those who have easily given up are the commanding heights that will never be encountered in this life Cheap Cigarette. Missed people Wholesale Newports, like the youth that is missed, will always shine in the past, but forever separated by an unreachable distance. Where is the person who makes me feel at ease? How is it? How have you ever met the love of this life Cigarette Wholesalers, have you forgotten my name, since you have already forgotten the rivers and lakes, I wish you no regrets for the rest of your life.
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