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Fingers tapping Options
Posted: Wednesday, June 19, 2019 8:12:53 PM
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Fingers tapping the keyboard, the snoring of the fingertips, is my favorite voice, breaking the silence of the night, the melody of the heart resonates with it, coupled with the soft saxophone, piano music, a cup of hot milk or coffee, can be With my own soul drifting into any world Marlboro Red, every cell is integrated into the black atmosphere and assimilated with the night; or, the night dissolves me, so I like the night of one person. The girl danced softly in the petite figure, on the roof, the fields, the branches covered with the snow-white world; the smart eyes looked forward to the distance, the eyes were slightly sad, the wind blew, the white snow accompanied the clothes The skirts danced together, and the moonlight was like a silky silver plaque around her, accompanied by her, as if only the pure snow in the world could dance with the girl's fluttering sound, as if from the sky, the girl stopped. Down, looking for the flute, I saw a young man sitting on a tall tree, a pair of sharp eyes revealing a sense of free and easy Cheap Cigarettes, thick eyebrows more full of heroism, the nose seems to be more unyielding The high nose is like the momentum of mountains and rivers, so handsome and handsome. A beam of dim light illuminates the bed, the coffee cup is full of heat, and the thoughts are pulled back. This is the two people in my heart, two roles, each of whom can have their own inch of pure land, and occasionally baptize the soul, play a yearning for the heart. You can look forward to Plato's love. Sometimes, the picture can be like this - the stars are a little bit, snowy. The dancing long sword, the reddish robes, the back gradually fade away, dragging two lines of footprints, like a row of scattered rose petals Newport Cigarettes, bright red, bright... flute clear, disturbing the quiet valley, the setting sun, the afterglow In the face of loneliness, long-awaited, long sigh... portrays the sigh of relief, the image of the passionate and tender heart. The night is quiet, the self is clean, can produce the law; the most magical but dream, the most beautiful, the night, will give you many unexpected surprises, this is the gift that God gave us mellow on each taste bud, mouth corner Light, just like this, alone, at night, let your own thoughts shuttle, the night is like Absolute music, although there is no lyrics, but with beautiful melody to achieve perfection, interpretation of all kinds of artistic conception, people can open up and blend with the soul It is also like a picture scroll, the oil brush arbitrarily rendering the ethereal atmosphere, let people go to the thoughts; the night, the light of all the glare Newport Cigarettes Coupons, took away all the noisy, sly, leaving the insects, the sound of dripping, Appease people's exhausted spirit Marlboro Cigarettes, the heart is like water, the water also reflects their own face, it is so clear and well-defined; only when it is really stable, will you see that you don't have a good time, don't worry about the workplace, don't whistle, only Leave an author's true heart, love life, love literature, believe in the power of the text, and believe that the fairy tale world will always exist.The heart changes with the environment, and the environment is born by the heart. Only in the darkness will you feel the change of each other and think about the connection between them. Although the mood will change, the situation will change. As long as there is a criterion, even if it changes rapidly, it will go the same way, and there will be no rules. The gentleness of the fingertips, the silence of the night
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