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In the corner Options
Posted: Wednesday, September 11, 2019 2:32:04 AM
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In the corner of the light, the mother carefully cut her cockroaches, and the taupe elf swayed under the magical knives of the knives, transforming into a white skin. My mother looked up from time to time to look at me on the side of my homework, and my face was filled with happy smiles. When I heard my occasional cough, my mother locked her eyebrows and her face was melancholy and worried. I know that these baboons are specially bought by the mother to cook the soup for me. She doesn't know who to say, and says that the soup can cure the cough. The mother was busy in the kitchen. For a long time, the mother came to me with a bowl of steaming soup. She said softly, "Son, drink some soup, eat some soup, mother put rock sugar and honey, drink cough. Just fine!" My heart is full of gratitude, hands take the soup bowl, gently sip, a fragrant scent between the lips and teeth, as well as the sweetness of the silk for a long time Newport Cigarettes Coupons, that tastes wonderful! Looking at the mother's concerned eyes, my eyes are shimmering, and my heart is full of happiness. The mother is pouring her love for me into the soup. This soup has such a sweet and sweet taste. Isn't it the taste of happiness? The mother took a spoon with a spoon and handed it to my mouth. I opened my mouth smoothly, chewed, white and tender, crisp and raw, and the sweet taste not only swirled between the lips and teeth, but also in my heart. The sea that has spread into happiness has also been smashed to the mother, the mother glimpsed, and then smiled and ate. She sat beside me, her face happy, and said with relief: "You don't cough!" Yes, somehow, I don't cough! Is it really a panacea for treating cough? I nestled in my mother's arms, my mother hugged me tightly, I was happy because I had the mother's love, and my mother was happy because I gave me endless love. We embrace each other, happy each other, happy each other's happiness. I looked up and looked at my mother affectionately. My mother's blue-haired black hair had a little white hair. There were small crow's feet in my eyes Cigarettes Online. My hands were no longer smooth and soft. Who stole the mother's beauty? Who made the mother worry? It��s me, it��s the mother��s vicissitudes of life and the meticulous love that made my life happy. However, I clearly saw that my mother was also immersed in happiness. I remember that she once told me that because of me, she only tasted the happiness of being a mother. The room was filled with fragrant fragrance, the kind of happiness called That moment made us intoxicated and infiltrated all the time and space forever.

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