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By zarir from cleveland on 1/10/2009 3:25:28 PM
moving to fairfax
By Hyunsuk from LiLfENWbo on 8/17/2015 1:22:27 PM
Ian, I cannot beveile that you have been taken in and accepted the word of your pals'. You should have researched this case in the correct way rather than calling them and asking them their view. (not exactly impartial or professional is it?) You clearly are not in tune with what goes on in the factoring world and I really thought initially that WOW someone is actually really truly trying to straighten out and regulate this industry. Which is totally immoral if not illegal by your own admission. This worries me that your own observations do not apply to your pals. I suggest that you look at the evidence (available on Company House website) find out how many clients that have been put into receivership by your very ethical' companies. Please research this area before you stand up and make stupid imprecise and slanderous statements. Your source of this imformation has come directly from your pals and cannot be accepted as bona fide or legitimate. It is a one sided and very biased view. You are actually in breach of the law and that of your own website conditions. You are not permitted to divulge my source. (So individuals please be aware if you want to blog on this website)Ian, if you are going to run a blog of this nature you will have to be completely impartial. You are simply running blind and you do not have the correct facts. For your information the ethical' people/company, who were paid a small fortune to collect out our old book debts after GE called in the receivers, were incompetent and unable to do so without a great effort from ourselves they had our support throughout, although they certainly did not deserve this. They did not understand, nor did they want to understand, for instance, how to allocate a simple CIS account, which was very much our business. We spent days doing their job for them and I have all the emails to prove it. They could not allocate the simplest of accounts without contacting us. The fact is that they wanted to create bedlam and confuse our New Co. remittances with that of the Old Co. An excuse to withold monies that should have been made available to both the Receivers and us. A very serious amount of money was found to have been held back by this company, money that should have been paid over to the Receiver and was not. It was found that your ethical' factoring company were trying to blame us for the shortfall in collections when they were in receipt of the money and had been for some time. We were c
By Miral from SJ3uUPhP6ZRs on 8/9/2015 9:56:52 PM
There's an understandable pleorbm for any business which is currently making money and not looking out for category-destroying newcomers coming from left-field.The smart thing for T&E would have been to acquire some or all of Trade Me at the earliest opportunity. Another smart approach would have been to use the strong revenue flows to clone TM's business creating a credible rival. The money would have kept rolling in long enough for the new products to kill off the old. So who should be looking at this and shuddering right now? Fairfax? TV3? Telecom?All of the above?
By Eel from uSrrJclKvhsvTAtemIP on 12/11/2011 9:09:25 AM
Free knowledge like this doesn't just help, it promote dmeocarcy. Thank you.
By Satyam from JjFFTQ0lt1 on 10/25/2015 12:27:54 PM
ran into this post on Glass Jar Photography a few days ago and just had to share. I've followed their blog for awlihe now and love their
By Oscar from sCtUR1lc on 11/28/2015 11:00:32 PM
ran into this post on Glass Jar Photography a few days ago and just had to share. I've followed their blog for awilhe now and love their